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FCC Mulls Banning Redskins Name


Who’s up for some more government intervention?

The Federal Communications Commission is weighing whether to ban TV stations from saying the name of Washington’s football team.

A law professor filed a petition with the agency earlier this month, claiming that the name “Redskins” violates federal rules barring any indecent content on broadcast television.

At a press conference Tuesday, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said he is reviewing the filing.

"We will be dealing with that issue on the merits, and we will be responding accordingly," Wheeler said.

The FCC chief said he personally finds the term offensive and urged the team to change the name. But he didn’t say whether he thinks it is illegal.

As a Cherokee descendant, I personally am offended by the FCC.

If two points are destined to touch, the universe will always find a way to make the connection - even when all hope seems to be lost. Certain ties cannot be broken. They define who we are - and who we can become. Across space, across time, among paths we cannot predict - nature always finds a way.
Touch (via wordsthat-speak)

For those who play Cards Against Humanity, this has a mind boggling effect…. I’m ruined for philosophical exploration…

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